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Welcome to the life of Dasia Rayanna, a multi-talented woman whose life journey has led her to become a faith-based mentor, private tennis coach, and fashion stylist. With a mentality to win that led to a tennis scholarship, a lifelong passion for fashion, and a life as a disciple of Jesus, Dasia has uniquely combined these elements to offer a holistic approach to personal growth for women and men of all backgrounds. From starting her own book club and business mentorship that led to transformative lives, to being a shepherd to women and men who are seeking Jesus and finding purpose, Dasia has always carried her passion with style. 

Dasia’s diverse set of services reflects her multifaceted background and genuine desire to uplift others. As a private tennis coach, she draws from her experiences as a college athlete to instill discipline, resilience, and high level collaboration in her clients. Her expertise as a fashion stylist stems from a lifelong passion, helping individuals discover their unique style and identity while expressing themselves confidently. 


However, it's Dasia's role as a faith-based mentor that truly sets her apart. Having a firm foundation that is still when life is shaking, she is proof that weapons will form but they won't prosper. She is dedicated to encouraging others in the full armor of God to grow and fight from victory. Doing life with Dasia, is not just a title, it is a promise. A promise to transformation in appearance but also a profound awareness of self, leading to increased confidence and purpose. So if you are looking for purpose, profit, poise or pizzazz. Do life with Dasia! 

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